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Basic Sewing The Stitch Room       Instructor: Samantha Jepson

Join this educational, structured and fun basic sewing class that will introduce you to the development of garment construction, master patterns and provide you with the skills for garment enhancement.  Instruction will include how to take proper body measurements and how to read and use master patterns, size variations and alterations for a proper fit.  In this hands on class students will learn how to operate a sewing machine and be introduced to the serger machine and its benefits.  Discussion on fashion fabrics, stretch fabrics, fibers, threads, sewing materials, and etc.  
Projects:  Top, Pant and Skirt.: Create and designyour very own casual or fashionable  clothing. This fashion class is for the beginner or the advanced sewer, the fashion oriented person or the homemaker.       32 Hrs.  3.2 CEU’s.  

Nevada Association of Fashion Design

NAFD:   A  Nevada state  fashion and design educational  organization.  NAFD  is a non profit 501c3,  association and  training program founded and incorporated in 1995 is governed by its by-laws and voluntary board of directors. 
Mission  & Objectives:    1-2 Yr. Graduate, 200 Hr.  Fashion Certificate Program
 To promote the fashion industry in the State of Nevada
To conduct itself, and act in a professional manner of a school as described in the bylaws 501c3 of Article 1 Section 2; which offers fashion educational courses to the community for careers in fashion.
To assist unknown and/or new designers market their designs, and to offer designer memberships with benefits for the aspiring designers.
- To assist unknown and/or new designers develop the educational background necessary, and to assist them in the fashion industry, to assist in special events for promotion in the fashion industry.
- To develop educational programs and operate within the State of Nevada to promote fashion designing.
- To partner the fashion design program(s) with educational entities i.e. schools, colleges, universities, businesses, organizations, within the State of Nevada. 
- To recruit, train, recommend, and contract teaching personnel and instructors, and assist schools, and colleges locate and employ qualified instructors to implement its fashion programs. 
- To contract and subcontract instructors for hire to teach educational courses and programs which promote the fashion program, with the NAFD and educational entities.
- To keep all data and files of the fashion program, instruction, instructors, students, personnel, and operations on file and confidential, and for review, recommendations, comparisons, assessments, and for any other lawful purpose as an informational system and verification for adhering to the bylaws Article III purposes and objectives of the NAFD.
- To create, develop, and own the fashion courses and operations of its fashion program(s).
- And any other lawful purpose; which would promote the growth, fashion education, and fashion industry in the State of Nevada, and for the Nevada Association of Fashion Design.                  
Pattern Making-1        Instructor:  Gretchen Marshall
Develop the skills necessary for drafting flat patterns/ slopers though standard or individual measurements. Using Graph Drafting paper students will learn to draft a bodice, sleeve, pant and skirt. Students will learn how to take proper body measurements and alterations/grading for fitted patterns. Students will construct muslin fitted and sewn samples utilizing dress forms and sewing/serger machines. Student projects will include drafted and muslin Bodice, Sleeve, Skirt, and Pant patterns. 
Projects:  Include Drafted and Muslin Patterns (6 total)     3.2 CEU’s.  

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Careers In Fashion Design Education & Training Co-sponsored with UNLV EO
Dress Maker Studio           Instructor: Gretchen Marshall

Learn to create a perfect pattern custom and tailored fitted for women’s clothing. A dressmaker must be able to find a balance between “haute couture”, or high end fashion and ready to wear clothes when being consulted for one-of-a-kind pieces. In this Dressmaker Studio the designers will have a hands-on fashion approach to style and sewing that will include different levels of apparel and study. Discover the “how to” for custom fitted designs with a fashionable tailored look while learning about seams, darts, pleats, grading, lining, interfacings, stiffening, buttonholes, fibers and fabrics. Students will also discuss and execute the process of then taking the pattern from inspiration to creating a fabulous one of kind stylish fitted garment. Students will utilize design and illustration techniques; with special focus on draping and embellishments.
Projects: 1. Design and draft a custom fitted dressmakers pattern, with emphasis on high-end design.
2. Using the custom fitted pattern you will create a fashionable and stylish garment. Pre-req: Must know how to sew and use patterns.        3.2 CEU’s. 

Core Classes
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NAFD Assistant
Illustration & Design    Instructor:  Nikki LaBounty

Fashion Illustration & Design: 
Learn to create your fashionable designs and line through the art of Fashion Illustration and Design. This class will take you through the designer process of Fashion Elements, Principles, and Illustration. You will learn to develop or enhance your drawing skills and work from designing concept to creation. Topics and focus on fashion design, sketching the human body, illustration of dress, colors, and the designer’s fashion portfolio. Learn how to apply the characters of color, season elements, rendering mediums, techniques and sketching. 
Projects include Illustration & Design for the Portfolio and Presentation, & Figure Board, and Flats.  
Videos and fashion magazines will be utilized in this class           32 Hrs.  3.2 CEU’s

Fashion Design Elements & Principles     Instructor: Gigi Morris

Explore the exciting fashion design industry. Learn how fashion evolved and the role of fashion designers and manufacturers in the development of the industry. Gain a better understanding of elements and principles of design as applied to apparel. Find out how established fashion designers create exhilarating apparel lines by combining different body silhouette, colors, details and trimmings. Learn the essential skills of manipulating principles of design in developing fashion ideas. This class will cover analysis of garment design. You will have fun learning several techniques used in garment construction. At the end of the class, using the tools and techniques you learned from the class, you are expected to be able to create your very own designs.
Project:s: Analysis of garment design, Fashion illustration templates, Dress form draping techniques used in garment construction.
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School of  Fashion Design- Edu
NAFD received their 20th Anniversary Recognition 
for Arts & Education from the  Nevada State 
Governor Brian Sandoval and
 City of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman
NAFD Founder
Leading the Way, 1st Fashion Design Education & Training Program in Nevada, offered since 1995
1995-1997 CSN Continuing Education  &  UNLV Educational Outreach 1997-2021 current.

A variety of Elective classes are scheduled year round.
Maria Bruce: NAFD Fashion Consultant/Fashion Designer/Machinery/Vendor
Program Asst. /Fashion Graduate/ Instructor 10yrs.
Over 25 years in the business of sewing. patters, fashion design, seamstress, etc.